• About us

    Antikythera Engineering serves as your own private R&D and expert custom machinery fabrication, operating at the highest levels of discretion and confidentiality. We are the leading backend solutions provider for top firms and government agencies across the MENA region ad the UK. Antikythera offers consultancy, advisory, supervisory, and contracting services to support the needs of a wide array of clients, from private to inter-governmental establishments.
    A professional engineering consultancy, specializing in innovative industrial engineering & enterprise capacity building, Antikythera Engineering serves as a support institution to intergovernmental organizations and SMEs, providing strategies regarding technology development and transfer. Antikythera also functions as a patent office, offering engineering and legal services to individuals and corporations seeking local, regional or international protection for intellectual property under the PCT.
    Antikythera Engineering retains design & manufacturing activities of custom industrial machines and production lines. Our resourcefulness and extensive engineering expertise in cutting edge technologies enable us to cater enterprises, from almost all industrial sectors, with state-of-the-art system solutions that improve production technology and processing efficiency. Antikythera Engineering achieves outstanding results through accurate enterprise resource planning, quality control, research & development for products & production techniques, as well as key market trends, to produce high quality custom production designs for fabrication of custom industrial machines and turnkey production facilities.
  • Consultancy & Services

    • Research & Development for Products & Production Methods Innovation
    • Automation, Robotics, AI & Machine Learning
    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Quality Control
    • Legal & Engineering Consultations and Filling Services for Intellectual Property and Various Industry Standards

    Design & Manufacturing

    • Bespoke Engineering Designs of Innovative Solutions
    • Manufacturing Custom Industrial Machinery, Robotics & Production Lines
    • Commissioning of Turnkey Production Facilities, with Hybrid Renewable Energy Generators

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  • info@antikythera-eng.com
    P.O. Box. 116-5141, Al-Mathaf
    Beirut, Lebanon